Stag Do and Bachelor Party

Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, is famous for beer, cars, football and, of course, a designated red light district, centred on the Reeperbahn, where prostitution is legally permitted. The city is also easy to reach, via Hamburg Airport (e.G. German Wings, Ryan Air, Lufthansa), just five miles or so north of the city centre, making it the perfect destination for a stag party or bachelor party abroad.

13662344_1755301854750689_2360713213721009983_o17390632_1881946815419525_5907706786750055092_oIf you’re looking to get your stag on in a dynamic, multicultural city with a personality all its own, our cocktail bar is an unparalleled venue for noisy, unrestrained merrymaking. Hamburg has a strong connection to expatriate British communities and our friendly, English-speaking staff is on hand to assist with every need of visitors from Britain and around the world. Indeed, our positive, open-minded staff plays a major role in creating a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere for your stag on his night of celebration.


The Gateway to the World, as the city is sometimes known, has a rich brewing tradition dating back centuriesand, throughout the summer months, our cocktail bar is open from 10am until late for your stag party to sample a wide range of beers, including some local specialities. We also offer an extensive selection of colourful cocktails – over 50 mouth-watering mixtures in total – which are available at reduced prices during several ‘happy hour’ periods throughout the day.17545291_1890976487849891_4224470943153676127_o

From Sunday to Thursday, our cocktail bar rocks to the sound of live music every evening and, on Friday and Saturday, our famous Party Night kicks off at 10pm and lasts long into the early morning hours. Whatever therequirements of your party, we aim to maintain the youthful ambience that is typical of Germany’s second city, leaving you and your stag to relish his last day of freedom without restraint or inhibition.

Hamburg is often underrated, unfairly, as a stag destination, but let us host your party and we’ll show you why the city was rated second only to Prague, and ahead of Budapest, Berlin, Krakow and Amsterdam, in the top ten stag night destinations in Europe, according to a recent survey of British men. Our beer is slightly more expensive than that in Prague, but you do get quality for your money and the urban beaches in our city, overlooking the River Elbe or the old docks at Altona, are just the place to sleep off the effects of a heavy night.  

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